ESSFN HANDS ON COURSE - Pain & Spasticity


22-24 April 2024


Laboratory of Anatomy
Faculté de médecine LYON Est – Université Claude Bernard – LYON 1
Domaine Rockefeller – 8, avenue Rockefeller – 69003 LYON

Local Host

Pr Patrick Mertens

The courses are open to everyone.

Each participant will at the end of each course, receive a certificate of attendance.
Those who are intending to obtain the European diploma of functional neurosurgery of ESSFN, at the end of the course cycle,  have to pass the examination at the end of each module.
Thus, each participant needs to organise their stay, so as to be present at the time of the final exam.
If you are unable to take the exam or fail, then it will be necessary to take the course again for a new examination.
To pass the exam, the candidate has to obtain a minimum score of 50%.